Three wishes from your Guthrie veterinarian.

three wishes

Can you imagine be granted three wishes… but they had to be wishes that would change things related to your field of work?  Dr. Anna Coffin reveals what she would change in veterinary medicine if she were granted three wishes.

Wish #1:  I wish that finances did not have to play a role in treating pets.

  • Lack of finances can lead to no treatment at all, which increases the pet’s pain and suffering.
  • Lack of finances can lead to sub optimal care  
  • Lack of finances can lead to euthanasia

Most veterinarians are very generous with their time and money when it comes to treating pets, especially strays in need of help.  Guthrie Pet Hospital and its staff is no different.  Our Guthrie veterinary clinic has treated and adopted many pets over the last 17 years.  In fact, our clinic is very active in helping Friends of Guthrie Animals and all their efforts in helping pets in the Logan County area.  But, we must charge appropriately for our services so that we can pay our staff, pay our bills and continue treating not only your pet but those homeless pets in need as well.

Wish #2:  I wish clients would go to their veterinarian for expert advice for pet problems instead of other sources.

Sadly, the internet and breeders are probably the veterinarian’s number one competition when it comes to getting advice.  Veterinarians are the real experts because we have gone to school for 8 years to earn our degree.  We diagnose and treat patients that can’t tell us what is wrong.  Find a veterinarian that you trust and build a relationship with them and they will be available to you when a problem arises. [Tweet “Wish #2: I wish clients would go to their veterinarian for expert advice for pet problems instead of other sources.”]

Many veterinarians, like Dr. Anna Coffin are now branching out into social media and also blogging about pet healthcare, so if you must go onto the internet look for a trusted site for your information. 

Here are a few trusted sites I would recommend: 

Wish #3:  I wish clients would follow their veterinarian’s recommendations.

  • Following recommendations helps prevent diseases.
  • Following recommendations leads to speedy recoveries.
  • Following recommendations leads to decreased behavioral problems.

As a veterinarian, Dr. Coffin makes recommendations to patients because she believes that these recommendations will cause pets to live happier, healthier and longer lives.

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Dr. Anna was born and raised in Guthrie, Oklahoma. As a teenager, Dr. Anna found her beloved pet dead on the side of the road left to die without any help. That was the moment she decided to become a vet and vowed to help other people and their pets. After a few years of practicing in New Hampshire, Dr. Anna became homesick and decided to return to Guthrie to be with her parents and five other siblings. Family and friends are a major part of our lives which is why we treat our clients at Guthrie Pet Hospital as family.  Dr. Anna and her husband do not have children but are very proud pet parents and therefore, treat every four legged friend as part of the family.

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