Wordless Wednesday: What’s your diagnosis #8

Ear mite

This mite is a surface mite that lives on cats, dogs, rabbits and ferrets. It is usually found in the ear canal but it can also live on the skin surface. The entire life cycle takes place on animals.  It is highly contagious, and cats become infested by direct contact with another infested animal. The mite is barely visible to the naked eye and may be seen as a white speck moving against a dark background.

Symptoms include scratching and shaking of the head and a dark discharge from the ears.

What’s your diagnosis and treatment?

You can look back at last week’s post of the Sarcoptes mite.  As you can see these mites are very different looking under the microscope and identification can be made based on microscopic examination alone.

I will post the answer in the comment section later in the week so be sure to come back to see if you were correct!

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